The Xtreme Justice League (XJL) is a 501(c)(3) organization of Real Life Superheroes based out of San Diego, California created and led by Mr. Xtreme since 2006.  We are composed of volunteers who wear superhero costumes to bring awareness and change to the homeless problems and crimes plaguing our local communities.  Our belief is: 

Believe in a Better Tomorrow – Make a Better Today.

We do this by conducting safety patrols, homeless outreaches, and public safety services.  Vigilante is a path we do not condone or follow, but being vigilant in the community is.  Calling the police when a crime is being committed, or getting a taxi for someone who is too intoxicated to walk are just a few examples of what the XJL is about.  We come from a variety of backgrounds but follow and train under the same banner of compassion, nonviolence, volunteerism, unity, and heroism.  Making a difference in the community by utilizing the greatest power we all possess:

The Power of Will.

Our Goals:

  • Work to bring an end to violent crime in San Diego.
  • Provide positive role models for youth promoting unity and collective working in the community; providing at-risk youth an alternative to gangs, drugs and criminal lifestyles.
  • Assist law enforcement agencies by reporting dangerous activity
  • Spark outrage about violent crime issues by raising awareness in the community.
  • Provide pressure to public officials and law enforcement management to increase their efforts and available resources to ensure community safety.
  • Serve as a training and educational resource for new XJL chapters, the general public, younger activists and community volunteer groups
  • Stand for Truth, Justice, and the Xtreme American Way (concept of the Superhero in real life).
  • Express disgust against the general apathy, indifference, and laziness surrounding violent crime.
  • Assist the homeless and needy by providing compassion as well as food, water and referrals.
  • Raise awareness by outreach to the public through media campaigns and passing out flyers.
  • Have fun making a difference, saving lives and serving the community.